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    UPVC corrugated sheet brief introduction:

    We supply two different grades UPVC corrugated sheets:

    The best one is UPVC corrugated sheet plus PMMA UV proof, which service life is long and Colorfast.

    Comparing with the other traditional roof tiles, the UPVC corrugated sheet is super heat and sound insulation roofing material

    Water resistance: 100%, fire resistance, self-extinguish off fire, Anti corrosion etc...



    UPVC roof tile Specification

    Thcikness: 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm
    Width: 1130mm
    Length: Customized 



    UPVC roof tile Colors:


    Regular colors:Terra Cotta, Red, Light red, Green, Blue, Grey, Black, Orange etc.

    Special colors can be processed according to clinets' color swatch if the order quantity is more than

    5000 square meters.



    UPVC roo tile Features:

    The excellent quality of Foam UPVC insulation roof tile is ensured by using high-quality materials, high-tech durability formula, and the whole set of imported tri-ply co-extruded compound foamed equipments.

    1. Super Durability in any weather: long service life, stable Colors!
    2. Excellent Heat Insulation
    3. Anti-Corrosion Capacity
    4. Excellent pressure resistance and bending strength, impact proof
    5. High Utility
    6. High Anti-Fire Capacity B1 grade.
    7. Environment Friendly
    8. Light weight
    9. Easy to drill, saw and install, available proportion is up to 95%

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