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    Name:UPVC Roof Tile (Royal Style)
    Product Code:UPVCRB
    Added to our catalog:2010-02-02
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    UPVC roof tile Royal Style ( UPVC carbon fibre sheet)
    The excellent quality of UPVC roof tile is ensured by using high-quality materials, high-tech durability formula, and the whole set of imported tri-ply co-extruded compound foamed equipments.

    UPVC roof tile features
    1. Super Durability in any weather: long service life, stable Colors!
    2. Excellent Heat Insulation
    3. Anti-Corrosion Capacity
    4. Excellent pressure resistance and bending strength, impact proof
    5. High Utility
    6. High Anti-Fire Capacity B1 grade.
    7. Environment Friendly
    8. Light weight
    9. Easy to drill, saw and install, available proportion is up to 95%


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